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Landelijke Organisatie StudentenTheaterverenigingen

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Landelijke Organisatie StudentenTheaterverenigingen
LOST Masquerade Ball

On the 7th of January 2023, LOST will host her very first gala: The Masquerade Ball! We hope to see many of you at 7 PM in the Corona Hall in Eindhoven. We kept the ticket prices as low as possible (+ €0,50 transaction fee) and drinks are on us. For only €5,50 more, you can have a quick dinner with us at 6 PM before you step on the dance floor. If you have any dietary restrictions, please tell us! Do you live far away and do you want to be kept up-to-date on a possible place to stay after the gala? Check the box and we might be able to help. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we will find something, so as the cheapest alternative we recommend www.3be.nl. Below you can purchase the LOST Masquerade Ball tickets for you and your plus one. See you soon!

LOST Members regular ticket
This ticket is for LOST Members. If your association is a member of LOST, then so are you!!
Plus one regular ticket
This ticket is for someone who isn’t a member of a LOST association, but is introduced by one and would like to join the Gala aswell!