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MSA Nour

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MSA Nour
Member contribution 2021/2022

During the Fifth General Member Assembly, the members of MSA Nour set the contribution fee for academic year 2021/2022 on €15. MSA Nour uses your contributions to invite great public speakers, to do amazing charity works, to keep up our PR reach and to cover our administrative costs such as our bank account, webservers and our membership to MSA NL.Note: if you want to cancel your membership for 2022/2023, you have to do so before September 2022/2023.
"Honour your pledges, for you will surely be accountable for them." (Surah al Israa 17:34) 

Default membership fee 2021/2022
If you are a member of MSA Nour and you are still studying in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, you are considered a default member and the normal contribution fee applies.
Note: this includes studying at any higher education (MBO, HBO, WO), students at the foundation program and PhD students.
Alumni membership fee
If you were a default member at MSA Nour and you have graduated from a studies in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, you are automatically considered an alumni member and a lower contribution fee applies.
Delayed membership fee 2020/2021
For members who haven't paid their contribution in 2020/2021.
79 out of 81 members paid their contribution fee on time.